Red Sox Twitter Bloggers

Twitter has gotten ridiculously popular over the past year. It makes it pretty easy to keep up with news and politics as long as you can ignore tweets like ‘OMG I just had the best BLT sammich!!!‘ A lot of Red Sox bloggers have got their own accounts now so if you’d like to stay […]

We’re now on Twitter

Everyone else is doing it so we’ve gone along with the crowd and created a Twitter account. You can now find us on Twitter here or under the username ‘soxaddict.’ Our account will have a ‘twitterfeed’ of every article posted on Sox Addict as well as a few random thoughts and comments by me.

Happy Halloween

Maybe next year will include a World Series championship parade on Halloween!

New Contributor

We’re going to try some new stuff here at Sox Addict. One of the things we’ll be doing is having other authors writing articles about the Red Sox. This way we can keep things as fresh as possible and get the best content out there, as often as we can. Our first new contributor is […]

Friday Linkage

I decided to start a new section of the site called ‘Friday Linkage.’ Every other blog in the history of the Internet seems to have a weekly link post so why should I be any different? I love conforming! The main reason behind starting it is because there are quite a few baseball stories that […]

Hard Drive Crash

I’m sorry everyone.  I missed the most news-packed portion of the season thus far because my hard drive on my personal computer crashed.  I essentially lost the last 10 years of my life (digital pictures, e-mails, etc.) and I’m still pretty upset about it.  Unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to keep backups either. Life goes […]

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