Friday Linkage – 07/10/09

NESW Sports: I would have thought Marky Mark DIDN’T throw like a girl. I would have been wrong. Center Field: Public service announcement. Fenway West: I bet Joe Posnanki didn’t see today’s idiotic trade by the Royals coming. Batter-up with Bruno: All I remember about the day Nomah was traded was being FURIOUS with Theo […]

Friday Linkage – 06/26/09

Detroit 4 Lyfe: Not only is Magglio Ordonez overpaid, so is hair! The Nine Commandments: Poor Sox fan got tricked, amusingly though. Chicago Tribune: Lou Pinella’s team is getting a little out of hand. Batter-up With Bruno: I never thought about it but the Nats ARE the Al East’s rejects. Bottom Line Sox: I know […]

Friday Linkage – 04/03/09

Babes Love Baseball: Corey Hart almost kills some sunbathing bimbo with a HR but an awesome catch by a spectator saves her. Boogie Down Baseball: Bernie Williams has a CD eh? :X No comment. Raise The Jolly Roger: The Pittsburgh Pirates lost a spring training game to a community college baseball team. Wow. Fire Ned […]

Friday Linkage – 03/27/09

Baseball Ink: I’d love to boycott baseball for a day to let Bud Selig and company know how robbed I feel thanks to the roid scandals. Unfortunately.. I’m addicted to baseball so that’s not going to happen. Sorry. Fenway West: It looks like Julio Lugo is only a few weeks away from returning. Oh well, […]

Friday Linkage – 02/27/09

Hugging Harold Renyolds: Julio Lugo isn’t going to lose his starting SS spot to Jed Lowrie. He’s going to lose it to a 5 year old. Rain Out: Maybe that whole thing about Ken Griffey Jr. going back to Seattle isn’t all good. He’s got a bit of a belly on him. Fantasy Pros 911: […]

Friday Linkage – 02/20/09

Mike Silva: This could just be denial speaking but it doesn’t mean Ortiz and Pedro did steroids just because they knew Angel Presinal. Fantasy Pros 911: I, like most other youngsters, was always a big Ken Griffey Jr. fan growing up. He made ridiculous catches and had the sweetest swing in baseball. I’m glad he’ll […]

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