Has Wally had enough?

When a team starts to hit a nose-dive like the Red Sox have this year, the first people to leave are the “pink hats” or bandwagon fans. Eventually the die-hards will switch from “I’d skip my mother’s funeral for this game” mode to “sure, we can eat there, they’ll have the game on” mode. It […]

A lot of offseason changes

We are now only 3 days away from Opening Day and I have yet to say more than a few words about the Sox all offseason. I will admit that I have been swept up in the Bruins success this winter and my new job has taken up a large (read: all) portion of my […]

How Not to be a Dbag at Fenway

Every year there are a few guys in the stands at Fenway Park that think they are the cleverest fellas to ever pop out of a womb at the South Shore Hospital.. but they aren’t. Here are a few ways to avoid being that guy that in 2010: During an Adrian Beltre at-bat, try your […]

Red Sox DON’T raise ticket prices

Do you hear that? Those simultaneous sighs of relief floating through the atmosphere are coming from Red Sox and baseball fans around the world. Why? For the first time in 14 years (since 1995), the Red Sox aren’t raising ticket prices at Fenway Park. I mean, I still can’t afford them but at least now […]

Boston All-Star Game in 2012?

When I walk into Fenway Park, my entire body tingles. I look around and bask in the history of the place. The electricity in the atmosphere gets my blood pumping faster and I’m enveloped by a feeling of happiness, excitement, and pride. Yes, I said pride; I’m proud of our ‘little ballpark that could.’ The […]

Fenway sets new consecutive sell-out record

There is a new all-time consecutive sell-out record in baseball and it belongs to none other than the ‘Fenway faithful.’ Red Sox fans did their part in purchasing all of the wicked overpriced tickets at Fenway Park for 456 straight games. The streak started on May 15th, 2003 and extends over 5 seasons. In that […]

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