Red Sox Late Night

With a World Series Championship, come some perks. Sports Illustrated covers, video game commercials, and appearances on late night talk shows. First came David Ortiz (with a guest appearance by the World Series trophy) on The Late Show with David Letterman: Then we had Shane Victorino and Jonny Gomes on Conan: Then, after all the […]

2013 ALCS in LEGO format

Brilliant. Sports Illustrated for Kids has put together a stop-action film using LEGOs featuring all of the biggest plays of the 2013 ALCS and NLCS. Yep, they’ve even got bullpen cop Steve Horgan’s iconic triumphant arm-raising moment during David Ortiz’s grand slam. Much thanks to @SoxOnTheBrain for introducing this to me. It sure beats the […]

David Ortiz Once Again Proves His Red Sox, Fantasy Value

Big Papi is about to turn 38 years old in a month, which may seem like a shock to some. The lefty slugger hasn’t changed in appearance much since arriving in Boston more than a decade ago, and the same can be said for his bat. After Game 2’s grand slam against the Detroit Tigers […]

Pre-season predictions gone wrong

Predictions are a funny thing. They’re rarely correct and wildly off-base yet we all make them before every season. It’s sort of like fantasy baseball but without any legitimate intel other than off-season pick-ups and last year’s standings. With all of the offseason moves that Toronto made, most experts (and amateurs like myself) thought the […]

Remy and Don are the anti-Jack Edwards

Alright, maybe it’s not fair for me to pick on Jack Edwards since he is toiling away in lockout-land BUT the Wall Street Journal recently did a small study to see who gets the title of ‘Biggest Homer in Baseball’ and his name was the first to come to mind when I heard the term […]

1st annual ‘NVRQT Night’

I, like many other Sox fans, was thrilled to see the team get out from the albatross deals given to Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez. Beckett’s dipping velocity and Gonzo’s disappearing power were enough to give worry to the nation and quell any anger over shipping out a World Series champ and a premiere first-baseman. […]

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