Minor Moves Make Molehills Mountainous?

The trade deadline usually splits teams into two groups: buyers and sellers. The buyers are teams that are still in contention and need that final piece to solidify their roster down the stretch (think Yankees and Dodgers.) The sellers thought their season would turn out differently but eventually have to cope with the reality that […]

Other things missing from Fenway Park

— We all had a little chuckle when Wally The Green Monster disappeared earlier today. Fortunately our lovable (and sometimes terrifying) mascot was found and returned to his home but this doesn’t mean that all is well in Boston. There are still a number of things missing from Fenway Park this year so we did […]

Has Wally had enough?

When a team starts to hit a nose-dive like the Red Sox have this year, the first people to leave are the “pink hats” or bandwagon fans. Eventually the die-hards will switch from “I’d skip my mother’s funeral for this game” mode to “sure, we can eat there, they’ll have the game on” mode. It […]

Goodbye Shaq Green-Thompson

The Sox farm system has been pretty quiet lately. There haven’t been many Charlie Zink AAA-domination ‘heart warming tales’ or stories of Ryan Lavarnway hitting a HR so far that NORAD tracked the flight pattern of the ball. Don’t get me wrong, things are still progressing like usual with guys playing well and other guys […]

Cody Ross is right at home

One of the quieter moves made by Ben Cherington over the offseason was to snag outfielder Cody Ross away from San Francisco (where he won a championship in 2010), and then slide him into an outfield already brimming with potential. Ross had shown flashes of high-caliber offensive play and he was always an above average […]

David Ortiz, Boston Media: Please play nice!

I’ve run out of fingers trying to count the amount of times David Ortiz has complained about his contract over the past 5 or 6 years. It usually pops up around the middle of the season (aka now) and again as soon as the season is over. He often mentions it in a few sentences […]

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