Curt Schilling is a prophet

I generally try to ignore everything Curt Schilling says. He’s not going to convince me to become a right-wing political nutjob and I already know that Barry Bonds is a jerk. What could I possibly learn from him, right? Well.. if I DID listen to him, I would have known to expect terrible umpiring before […]

Yankees win the division

We all saw this coming when the Sox were struggling to stay in games with their anemic offense and back-end of the rotation (Smoltz and Penny particularly.) It’s cool though, 2 more wins and Boston rolls into the postseason as the wild card. It’s with that knowledge that I feel comfortable posting this video of […]

Guide to ’09 Sox facial hair

It’s getting close to the end of the season and each game seems to mean more and more. I could give you some in-depth analysis on the recent struggles of our bullpen (and our offense) but it’s more fun to present Rob from The Bottom Line’s guide to the Red Sox 2009 facial hair:

Bye bye Penny

After being told to “hold tight” when his spot in the rotation came and went, Brad Penny has finally asked for his release from the team. Theo Epstein, in all his infinite wisdom, granted Penny’s request. This will open up a roster spot for newly acquired relief pitcher Billy Wagner. Penny’s time in Boston was […]

Sox try to acquire Billy Wagner

The economy must really be in the toilet. The New York Mets put pitcher Billy Wagner on the waiver wire and according to a few sources, he made it all the way to the Red Sox. The Sox put a claim on him and are currently trying to work out a trade with the Mets. […]

The Remdawg returns

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time to put away your ecktionary. Jerry Remy returns to the booth tonight to announce the game with Don Orsillo. Remy has been missing in action since April 29th after suffering a setback in his recovery from lung cancer. He is planning on only announcing home games until […]

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