We really REALLY hate the Yankees around here

Posted on September 25, 2012
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Boy oh boy. Over the weekend we hit our 85th loss of the season and there are still another two weeks to go but at this point, why bother? All hope is lost. Hope for the playoffs. Hope for a .500 season. Hope for a winter without intense binge drinking.

Well, maybe not ALL hope. There are still 3 games remaining versus the Orioles and 3 against the Yankees. This brings up an intriguing possibility.. we could potentially lose another series against the Orioles (and who amongst us wouldn’t be shocked if that happened?) and bury the Yankees. This would put the Sox in the position of playing spoiler for the AL East.

It also brings up a bit of a conundrum for most fans: do you hope your team loses if it damns your rivals? ESPN did a poll last week and the results aren’t entirely surprising:

“I can feel your anger.. it gives you focus, it makes you stronger!”

Yes, we’re apparently the only place in the country where our burning intense hatred of our rivals can outweigh the love we hold for the hometown boys.

I’m not one of those people. There have been times in my life where rooting against Boston would produce a favorable matchup and I still couldn’t get myself to do it so hoping for a loss just to damn the Yankees is out of the picture. That’s not to say that I would be opposed to the Sox going winless for the next week in order to grab a higher draft pick!


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