Remy and Don are the anti-Jack Edwards

Alright, maybe it’s not fair for me to pick on Jack Edwards since he is toiling away in lockout-land BUT the Wall Street Journal recently did a small study to see who gets the title of ‘Biggest Homer in Baseball’ and his name was the first to come to mind when I heard the term […]

1st annual ‘NVRQT Night’

I, like many other Sox fans, was thrilled to see the team get out from the albatross deals given to Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez. Beckett’s dipping velocity and Gonzo’s disappearing power were enough to give worry to the nation and quell any anger over shipping out a World Series champ and a premiere first-baseman. […]

We really REALLY hate the Yankees around here

Boy oh boy. Over the weekend we hit our 85th loss of the season and there are still another two weeks to go but at this point, why bother? All hope is lost. Hope for the playoffs. Hope for a .500 season. Hope for a winter without intense binge drinking. Well, maybe not ALL hope. […]