Has Wally had enough?

Posted on July 27, 2012
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When a team starts to hit a nose-dive like the Red Sox have this year, the first people to leave are the “pink hats” or bandwagon fans. Eventually the die-hards will switch from “I’d skip my mother’s funeral for this game” mode to “sure, we can eat there, they’ll have the game on” mode. It takes A LOT to get to the point where the mascot doesn’t even want to be around the team anymore but have we reached that point already? Maybe.

The Boston PD tweeted this earlier: “Missing: Wally the Green Monster, If seen please call Boston Police” and the theories started running wild. Did our mascot stolen get stolen by a Yankees fan? Did Wally tie a rope around his own neck and jump off the Zakim Bridge after watching Josh Beckett’s new warm-up routine? Are we going to have to sign up for accounts at partybingo.com to raise money to pay off his kidnappers? Is Theo Epstein back in town and itching for another costume to put on? Could Wally possibly be involved in a 4 team trade to get Anthony Rizzo back to Boston?

We don’t have an answer yet but the Police Department has tweeted that Wally was found. My bet is that he was just sleeping off an extended binge from the thrashing the team received from the Rangers. Hell, that’s what I’M doing!


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