Red Sox Twitter Bloggers

Twitter has gotten ridiculously popular over the past year. It makes it pretty easy to keep up with news and politics as long as you can ignore tweets like ‘OMG I just had the best BLT sammich!!!‘ A lot of Red Sox bloggers have got their own accounts now so if you’d like to stay […]

Brad Wilkerson leaves the Red Sox

Another one bites the dust in the battle for Boston’s last 2009 roster spot. Brad Wilkerson has left the team after being told by Terry Francona that either Jeff Bailey or Chris Carter will get the last remaining outfield spot. Wilkerson was batting a pathetic .119 this spring with 18 strikeouts in 42 at-bats. Ouch. […]

Dear Theo: GET HANLEY!

We posted an article a few months ago talking about how the Red Sox were trying to swing a deal to get Hanley Ramirez back in Boston. Things eventually went south and names were never really brought to the table. It’s now a few weeks away from spring training and the situation might have changed […]

Justin Masterson to take relief role

Justin Masterson has officially been delegated to a bullpen role for the 2009 season. This is probably a good thing because even though he has looked unhittable this spring and put up very good numbers last year, he’ll likely continue to struggle a bit while facing left handed hitters. Don’t get me wrong, he has […]

Friday Linkage – 03/27/09

Baseball Ink: I’d love to boycott baseball for a day to let Bud Selig and company know how robbed I feel thanks to the roid scandals. Unfortunately.. I’m addicted to baseball so that’s not going to happen. Sorry. Fenway West: It looks like Julio Lugo is only a few weeks away from returning. Oh well, […]

Could Clay Buchholz be the 5th starter?

There is a lot of talk about who will be the 5th starter next season. Justin Masterson is currently going through his spring training regiment with the mindset of a starting pitcher, John Smoltz is on track to return in a few months, and Brad Penny had an outstanding outing the other day. Who am […]

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