Friday Linkage – 02/27/09

Hugging Harold Renyolds: Julio Lugo isn’t going to lose his starting SS spot to Jed Lowrie. He’s going to lose it to a 5 year old. Rain Out: Maybe that whole thing about Ken Griffey Jr. going back to Seattle isn’t all good. He’s got a bit of a belly on him. Fantasy Pros 911: […]

Lester wants to stay with Sox forever

Joe Haggerty of the Boston Metro (yes, that annoying crap that they throw in your face every single time you get off the train) managed to score an interview with Jon Lester. One of the questions was about if Lester planned on staying with Boston for the long-term. His response was pretty encouraging: “If they […]

Friday Linkage – 02/20/09

Mike Silva: This could just be denial speaking but it doesn’t mean Ortiz and Pedro did steroids just because they knew Angel Presinal. Fantasy Pros 911: I, like most other youngsters, was always a big Ken Griffey Jr. fan growing up. He made ridiculous catches and had the sweetest swing in baseball. I’m glad he’ll […]

Ortiz prohibited from working out with Sox

For the second day in a row, Big Papi has been stopped from participating from spring training workouts. Fortunately for the Red Sox, it’s only because he slept wrong on his shoulder. When word got out that Ortiz was missing team drills, most people (myself included) got terrified about the problem involving his wrist (or […]

Mike Lowell is a tad bit emo

After the Red Sox won the World Series in 2007, Boston erupted in a series of “Sign Mike Lowell! Sign Mike Lowell!” chants. Mikey, the World Series MVP, got offers with more years and more money, but decided to give up a hometown discount. Why? He loves Boston, the fans, the atmosphere, and his teammates. […]

J.D. Drew is STILL hurting

Your starting right-fielder.. Haling from Florida State University.. Standing 6 feet and 1 inch tall.. Wearing number 7.. .. is hurt again. Yep, that’s right. Ladies and gentlemen, put on your ‘OMFG I CANT BELIEVE IT’ faces because JD Drew is still having terrible back stiffness. These are the same herniated disk issues that troubled […]

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