Boston tried to bring Hanley Ramirez back

This is a question that Red Sox fans have given tons of thought to over the past few years: was receiving Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell worth giving up Hanley Ramirez? Apparently fans aren’t the only ones having a debate about that as the Red Sox recently have had a few discussions with the Marlins […]

Red Sox bring back Josh Bard

They may have lost out on AJ Burnett and Mark Teixeira but Theo Epstein and the Red Sox have REFUSED to let this be a stagnant offseason. That’s right, it’s time to make a splash in the free agency market. Boston has signed a non-guaranteed major league deal with catcher Josh Bard. The 1-year contract […]

Red Sox are ‘not a factor’ for Teixeira

What a roller coaster ride this has been. First I went from thinking the Red Sox had just a tiny chance of landing Teixeira, then they were listed as ‘one of the teams still in it,’ then Peter Gammons told everyone it was down to the Red Sox and another suitor (at $184m for 8 […]

Johnny Damon is still an idiot

Let me get this out of the way up-front, when I say that Johnny Damon is an idiot, I don’t mean it in the nice 2004 World Series camaraderie way. I mean it in the “you’re a freaking moron, go crawl back in your hole” way. With that said, Johnny Damon is an idiot. He […]

Pedroia will participate in WBC

Dustin Pedroia has officially accepted an invitation to play for the US in the World Baseball Classic. The AL MVP won’t be the only person representing for his country as it was confirmed a few weeks ago that Daisuke Matsuzaka plans to pitch for Japan. In other WBC news, Josh Beckett has declined his invitation […]

Happy Holidays from the Sox

The Red Sox sent out a cute little Christmas card, complete with socks over the fireplace and a tv playing season highlights. Ho Ho Ho!

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