Red Sox pick up more relief help

If there is one thing that every baseball team needs, it’s relief pitching. The Red Sox have tried to put themselves up a leg on the opposition by pulling off a trade today with the Texas Rangers. Ok, to be honest, it’s not much of a trade but it’s been a slow baseball week. Boston: […]

Friday Linkage – 11/26/08

This picture of Bender has nothing to do with anything. I just like Futurama, that’s all. We Should Be GM’s: The most famous person I’m related to is probably myself. Sad huh?! Dom D’s Mets Fan Blog: The Angels were a little bit slow in handing over K-Rod’s medical records to the Mets. Could it […]

Friday Linkage – 11/21/08

Yes, this is a few days late. My bad (again.) Fire Ned Colletti Now: I’m so glad that the baseball world has finally come to realize that Juan Pierre (career .371 SLG percentage) is a pretty terrible player. Having a lifetime .300 AVG doesn’t make you Ted Williams. Bob’s Blitz: It doesn’t take long for […]

Red Sox make offer to Junichi Tazawa

There are a ton of huge names on the free agent market this offseason: Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe, and Bobby Abreu among others. One of the names usually left off the list is pitcher Junichi Tazawa. Tazawa made waves a few months ago by becoming the first Japanese player to bypass the Japanese […]

Coco Crisp traded to Kansas City

After Coco Crisp had a bit of a bounce-back season last year, I figured he’d be big time trade bait this offseason. What I didn’t expect was for him to be traded to the Kansas City Royals, but that is exactly what has happened. Here’s a quick breakdown of the trade: Boston: Receives right-handed reliever […]

Dustin Pedroia named AL MVP

Count me in among the list of people that didn’t think Dustin Pedroia’s numbers were good enough to get him the MVP award. People like me are who have kept Pedroia going throughout his entire career. He wants to prove us wrong and he has yet again done so, but this time by being named […]

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