Friday Linkage – 08/15/08

Posted on August 15, 2008
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Sports Crackle Pop: The similarities between Edwar Ramirez and the ‘Chocolate Rain’ guy are eery.

Inside The Ballpark: No wonder Varitek looks so lost at the plate. He has to deal with more than just baseball crap on a daily basis.

We Should Be GMs: Smart move Jimmy Rollins. Insult Philly fans. REALLY smart move. Did you not see what they did to poor old Santa Claus?!

SeaTown Sports: Ouch. At least it’s just management eating their contracts for another 2 months.

The Bottom Line: Youk is hitting .400+ since Ramirez was traded. I think we found a new cleanup hitter.

New York Mets Daily: Uh oh, seems like someone is suffering from Pokey Reese disorder!

Giving You The Business: Someone tell Steinbrenner that the whole world isn’t out to get him and that he’s an idiot. Also somebody should inform him that the Red Sox have had 28 players in Boston this year because of injuries, and so have the Yankees. Quit whining.

You Been Blinded: Watch out LA! This how it started in Boston.. we let him do whatever he wanted as long as he performed well. The cycle starts anew.

Baseball Reflections: Donate. It’s for a good cause.

Fire Ned Colletti Now: Ronnie Belliard?! That is almost like when the Red Sox were trying to get Juan Uribe, except Uribe murders innocent people with machetes.

Lansdowne 9: Drew, Drew, Drew. What in the world are we going to do with you? Just keep hitting like you are and I suppose we won’t have a problem.. but I’ve got my eye on you sir.


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