Friday Linkage – 07/18/08

Posted on July 18, 2008
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Sports Crackle Pop: Why doesn’t Ichiro give these awesome peptalks to the entire Seattle Mariners team?

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Mets: Honestly, how many people are shocked that A-Rod left the stadium after his at-bats were done? He gets on the good side of people by answering questions during Media Day then squanders away all that good will by doing something like this.

Crashburn Alley: I’ll agree that there are definitely a bunch of problems with the way the All-Star Game is currently handled. I’m not sure these are the BEST solutions but they’re definitely a great start.

Josh Q. Public
: I can’t think of very many ex-Yankees that I hate more than Reggie Jackson. He’s the reverse of the classiness you expect from all of the old school Yankee players (except Joe Dimaggio.)

All Things Philly Sports: The wifebeater returns eh? I know Brett Myers has been sucking it up this year but I think it’s because he has gone from pen to rotation to pen to minor leagues, etc. Not everyone can be John Smoltz or Derek Lowe.

Fire Ned Colletti Now: Jason Johnson? Holy cow. I remember being at the Trop a few years ago when he let Carl Crawford steal home. We called him J^2 back then. God he sucks.

Baseball & The Boogie Down: Richie Sexson is having an above-average year against left-handed pitching. Does that make him worth signing, even if it is for the league minimum? The Yankees think so.

ESPN: Josh Beckett thinks it’s funny to tell his bullpen catcher he is going throw a 93 MPH fastball and then throw a curve. Oh Josh, what won’t you do?

It Might Be Dangerous..: Brian Giles is good, real good. A career OBP of .400+ and a career SLG of .500+ It always amused me how he managed to fly so low under the radar of a lot of people with such amazing career numbers. Is it because he didn’t hit 40 HR every year or because his AVG wasn’t consistently .330?

Red Sox Chick: Kyle Snyder is hurt again. His road back to Boston seems to get longer and longer every single day.

Hugging Harold Reynolds: Making fun of A-Rod is so the cool kid thing to do nowadays; even minor league baseball teams are getting in on the action. I can’t say as though I mind. Go Grand Prairie AirHogs!

Mr Flushing: It’s amusing how quickly Mets fans have turned on Billy Wagner. He has given up 10 ER this year but 15 R total. Wouldn’t that make you think that the problem lies somewhere else in the team? 6 blown saves are nothing when you still have a 2.31 ERA and a 5.0 K/BB ratio.


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  1. Nicholas on July 21st, 2008 9:28 am

    The Richie Sexson thing still doesn’t make sense to me. He may be doing well against left-handed pitching this year but his career numbers don’t show anything like that.

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