Friday Linkage – 07/11/08

Posted on July 11, 2008
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Tirico Suave: Pepsi is pimping out the All-Star Game with Pedro Martinez on their cans. Awesome. I miss Pedro.

Home Run Derby: Barry Zito’s Fathead poster is on clearance. You know you’ve hit the lowest of the lows when…

Sports Crackle Pop: I knew it. Every single time there is a day game and I’m at work, I miss something amazing. This time it was Manny taking advantage of his Alltel ‘My Circle’ by phoning someone in the middle of a baseball game.

The Windy Citizen: If the Cubs/Cards rivalry was a movie, this is a pretty good assumption as to who the actors would be. If the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry was a movie, I’d want Joba Chamberlain to be played by John Goodman and Johnny Damon to be played by Reese Witherspoon.

Sox and Dawgs
: I hate the phrase ‘Red Sox Nation’ but this is pure hilarity. 50 times better than that crappy ‘Drop It Like It’s Joba’ video on YouTube.

Awful Announcing: I can say with absolutely certainty that it was NOT a good idea to spray Corey Hart with beer when he was holding his infant daughter in his hands.

Fenway West: Where was this job when my guidance counselor told me I should get into the business field? Are you telling me I could have gotten paid to look like an ass during baseball games instead of struggle to get through the day at my white collar job?

On Deck Sports: If you were a kid when Rookie of The Year came out, and you didn’t absolutely LOVE it, something is wrong with you. Pitcher’s got a big butt! Pitcher’s got a big butt!

Fire Ned Colletti Now: The award for oddest thing said by a baseball player during an online chat in 2008 goes to Matt Kemp for his line, “The only girlfriend I have is my mother.” Creepy.

Home Run Derby: I guess I would be drinking at 6 yrs old if I was a Cubs fan too. Don’t worry kiddo, you guys will win someday!

We Should Be GMs: Ryan Howard has raised his BA up to the .230 range but already has 27 HR. Too bad his OBP is only .325 (Almost 100 points higher than his BA and it STILL sucks) and he already has 125 strikeouts. He’s like the Mark Bellhorn of Philadelphia!


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  1. Matt O'Donnell on July 11th, 2008 11:02 am

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    thanks for your vote!

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