Red Sox Late Night

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Posted at 12:42 pm on November 6, 2013
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With a World Series Championship, come some perks. Sports Illustrated covers, video game commercials, and appearances on late night talk shows.

First came David Ortiz (with a guest appearance by the World Series trophy) on The Late Show with David Letterman:

Then we had Shane Victorino and Jonny Gomes on Conan:

Then, after all the jokes and silliness was over, Gomes and Conan get serious while speaking about the marathon and declare that all Bostonians deserve their own World Series rings. I’d be down with that..

What an odd season it’s been. There are so many storylines, good and bad, that I’m sure Curly Haired Boyfriend is going to write a book that will end up under many Christmas trees in Brighton this December.

Just try not to get ahead of yourselves, slowly revel in it all. Breathe long and hard. Take all the photos you want. Collect every newspaper and magazine you can find. Who knows when we’ll get to see another championship? Remember, we’re all just a bunch of Sox addicts, trying to get our fix.

Post-Parade Psychosis

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Posted at 3:34 pm on November 3, 2013
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Sometimes the stars line up just right and you end up with something like yesterday’s parade. It had the normal insanity of a championship parade (isn’t it ABNORMAL that we’re having so many championship parades? I feel like a spoiled child on Christmas) but hanging over our heads was a somber tone because we all knew that it felt a little weird to celebrate knowing that a little more than half a year ago, four innocent people died and hundreds of others would never live normal lives again. We knew that it was different in some way. We knew that ‘Boston Strong’ had been cheapened a bit by overuse and nefarious merchants selling t-shirts to stuff their greedy little pockets full of blood money.

gomes-trophy-finish-line What we didn’t know is that Jonny Gomes was going to spontaneously stop his duck boat at the finish line, place the World Series trophy on the ground, and say something for those that didn’t get to make it to the end. It was an absurdly touching moment that brought those in attendance to tears and made those watching on television reach for their tissue boxes.

Whew. Maybe some of us are STILL reaching for our tissue boxes.

Anyway.. the rest of the day shaped up pretty much EXACTLY like you’d have thought it would.

Mike Napoli: Got hammered. I’m talking REALLY hammered. At one point he was wandering down Newbury Street shirtless after pouring drinks at ‘Nuf Ced and Daisy Buchanan. His drunken exploits became so legendary and widely spread that #DrunkNapoli started trending on Twitter as random people ran into the bearded bartender.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Hopped on a plane and got far away from Boston as quick as he could. *shrug* That’s Ellsbury for ya.

Jake Peavy: Despite having some of the BEST stuff in baseball in the mid 2000′s, this was Peavy’s first World Series championship parade. He enjoyed the duck boat that was riding in so much that he just went ahead and bought it. Yep, Peavy bought a duck boat. I think we won that trade?

David Ortiz: It wouldn’t be a championship parade without ‘Big Papi’ rapping on The Dropkick Murphy’s boat and then some fool decided it would be a good idea to let the ‘Large Father’ drive his own boat. Apparently they forgot about Ortiz’s car accident last year in which he came speeding out of a gas station and hit someone.

Shane Victorino: The ‘Flyin Hawaiian’ had already booked a flight home but still stopped for groceries at Shaws post-parade. He’s a weird dude .. but I like him.

Man, it has been a crazy past couple of days. You need some rest, I need some rest, and most of all Drunk Napoli needs some rest. Thank god the clocks went back an hour last night. It gave us all an extra 60 minutes of sleep partying.

Copley Craziness

Copley Craziness

Favorite photos from last night

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These are some of my favorite photos from the last day of World Series preparation, play, and celebration. If one of those photos is yours, and you want a shoutout or link to your instagram/twitter account, just shoot me an e-mail.

Click on the photo for a full-size.

Pre-Game Scoreboard

Pre-Game Scoreboard

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I saw this sign a few days ago and they couldn’t have been more correct:


2013 ALCS in LEGO format

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Posted at 11:39 pm on October 22, 2013
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Brilliant. Sports Illustrated for Kids has put together a stop-action film using LEGOs featuring all of the biggest plays of the 2013 ALCS and NLCS. Yep, they’ve even got bullpen cop Steve Horgan’s iconic triumphant arm-raising moment during David Ortiz’s grand slam.

Much thanks to @SoxOnTheBrain for introducing this to me. It sure beats the NES RBI Baseball re-creation of the 1986 World Series and the ball rolling through Buckner’s legs.

2013 World Series schedule

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Posted at 9:54 pm on October 21, 2013
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Since there was a bit of confusion between family members and friends about the last two rounds of the postseason, I’ll make it nice and simple for you guys.

All games are played on FOX and they actually have concrete start times so we don’t have to worry about missing day games because of work (thanks money-grubbing MLB!) The only pitchers listed thus far are for game 1 but I don’t see Farrell deviating much from his ALCS plan so Lester will likely be followed by Lackey, Buchholz and Peavy.

Game 1 in Boston:
Wednesday, Oct. 23 – 8:07 PM EST
Adam Wainwright (2-1, 1.57 ERA) @ Jon Lester (2-1, 2.33 ERA)

Game 2 in Boston:
Thursday, Oct. 24 – 8:07 PM EST

Game 3 at St. Louis:
Saturday, Oct. 26 – 8:07 PM EST

Game 4 at St. Louis:
Sunday, Oct. 27 – 8:15 PM EST

Game 5 at St. Louis:
Monday, Oct. 28 – 8:07 PM EST*

Game 6 in Boston:
Wednesday, Oct. 30 – 8:07 PM EST*

Game 7 in Boston:
Thursday, Oct. 31 – 8:07 PM EST*

* – if necessary

Keep in mind that these times are for the first pitch. If you want to see a little pre-game coverage, turn your TV on 30 minutes earlier.

Bring it on! David Ross the badass

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